Community Compost Sites

Community Compost Drop-Off Sites

Want to compost, but don’t have room or desire to start a backyard compost pile? Then drop off your compost at this growing network of free drop-off sites in the Capital Region. Keep checking back. This list is growing!

Friends of Tivoli Lake Preserve & Farm, Wilkins Ave. entrance, drop off 24/7 outside the gate. They also have a bucket exchange system. NO bags please; just food scraps. See the website for complete rules.

Troy Community Compost drop off Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm at the Troy Farmers' Market. See the Transition Troy website.

Radix Ecological Sustainability Center is at 153 Grand Street; drop off 24/7 outside the gate. Place compost directly into bin or in a compostable bag .

Albany Victory Gardens is located at 456 First Street in the West Hills neighborhood of Albany, between Clinton Ave. and Quail St.

Grow Amsterdam NY drop off on Saturdays by appointment only. Initial orientation required. Sign up at Contact:, 518-620-1802.

Colonie Farmers Market - drop off on Saturdays from 9am-1pm starting May 15, 2021 till Sept. 25, 2021 at The Crossings Park in Colonie. Zero Waste Volunteers wanted. Contact Dave or Glen via

Coming Soon: Compost Drop Off at Schenectady Urban Farms.

If you can take your neighbor’s compost, we encourage you to invite them to do so. Also sign on to, a free community organic waste recycling app that matches backyard composters with folks nearby who are looking for help composting their food scraps.

Paid Door-to-Door Compost Pick Up Businesses:

FoodScraps360 is a residential food waste collection service created to help keep plant matter out of the landfill where it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. With the climate crisis knocking on our door, we can help by composting household food waste. Foodscraps360 makes it easy. We collect food scraps right from your doorstep in Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer counties. The owners, Diana Wright and Morgan Talbot, can also help with Zero Waste events/weddings, can assist schools to learn composting and Zero Waste techniques, and can pick-up from small, commercial restaurants. Email Diana or Morgan at or call 518 465-9748.

Radix Ecological Sustainability Center - Weekly compost pick up for residences anywhere in Albany. Pick up is 100% by e-bike trailers powered by solar panels. Place your food scraps inside the provided filtered, no-odor 2.4 gallon container. Once a week, place the container on your step. We will remove the contents. At the Radix Center, we will turn it into a nutrient-dense garden fertilizer. $15/month for one container pick up. $5 for each additional container. Email: or call (518) 605-3256.

Loving Earth Compost - Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly pick-up for a portion of Saratoga County. Provides a 3.5 gallon bucket with secure E-Z peel lid. Email: or call (518) 306-1103.

Resources for Composting

The Institute for Local Self Reliance website is an excellent comprehensive resource for home composting and community composting, from basics to advanced.

Video: “Make the Most of Compost” from SciShowKids is an upbeat video for kids teaches how you can turn organic waste into nutrient packed soil you can use in the garden.

Video: "The Compost Story" from Kiss The Ground is an entertaining 7-minute video that explains why composting food scraps is essential to our survival on earth, accomplishing everything from building nutrients back into soil to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A companion to the video is “The Soil Story.”

Vermont has banned food waste by requiring residents to now compost any unfinished food. Read about the new law in Fast Company.