Resources on How to Compost

Cornell Cooperative Extension

Interested in composting your own food scraps and yard waste? Cornell Cooperative Extension has compiled beginner guides, general tips, and information on indoor composting

A Home-owner's guide to composting

A resource on building and managing a compost pile, composting with worms, and advice on what to include in a compost pile... Home-Owner's Guide to Compost


The Radix Center has a variety of resources on composting, including Vermicomposting

Albany Composts

The City of Albany has their own resources for City residents interested in backyard composting, food waste drop-off, or full-service/pick-up composting. The City of Albany provides free backyard composters to residents, free community drop off sites, and will pay the start up cost for a pick-up service for city residents... Albany Composts Program

See below for more resources (and an instructional video) from the City of Albany.

video guides for beginners

Have your own Earth Machine Composter? Here's the City of Albany's guide to assembly.

Don't know how to fill your Earth Machine? Watch the instructional video at the right.

Are you interested in getting your own Earth Machine Composter? Register here