efforts to reduce plastic waste & Pollution

Read up on Zero Waste Capital District's most recent (Aug 2022) letter to the NYS Office of Cannabis Management, recommending no single-use plastic packaging and a deposit on batteries and vape pens. ZWCD's previous letter to the Office of Cannabis Management can be found here

As a means of reducing plastic pollution, ZWCD supports the styrofoam/polystyrene ban in NYS. 

ZWCD is also currently advocating for expanding NYS' bottle return policy to include a wider range of containers and to increase the redemption value from 5¢ to 10¢. 

ZWCD's Comments on the NYSDEC Draft Solid Waste Management Plan (5/4/2023).

Efforts to protect public health

ZWCD has a Resolution to End the Use of Sewage Sludge in compost and as a soil amendment or fertilizer due to ubiquitous PFAs (forever chemical) contamination. 

Those interested in learning more or supporting Zero Waste Capital District's policy advocacy should attend our general meetings and inquire about our Public Policy Committee.