Zero Waste Pumpkin Carving

Set a zero Waste goal this halloween...

...compost your pumpkin!

Use a backyard composter.

take your pumpkin scraps to a community compost site.

Use a residential food waste collection service.

Learn more about composting options here.

select your pumpkin.  support a local farm if you can.

Use a table cloth instead of plastic  bags to contain your mess.

scoop out and save the insides.

MAke sure to save your seeds for a tasty snack.

Draw your design directly onto your pumpkin.

Separate the seeds.

Rinse off the excess pumpkin.

spread seeds into a single layer on towels.

Pat dry the seeds.

butter a baking sheet.

Bake seeds at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until golden brown.

save your pumpkin scraps so they can be composted.

Add your scraps to the compost pile.

Cover with browns and let the composting process begin.