ZERO WASTE Capital District Content

Community Compost Drop Off Sites

One of our major initiatives is to get more people diverting food scraps from the landfill.  Learn how to compost in your backyard or utilize a community drop off site on the composting page...Community Composting 

Where to Recycle Items

This is a great collection of recycling options put together by one of our member organizations - Capital Region Creation Care Coalition (CRICCC)...Where to Recycle Items 

If you are specifically looking to recycle clear glass (bottles and jars which are clean & free of plastic/metal), there is a drop off site at Honest Weight Food Co-op

New Life for Old Things

Are you wondering how to donate or recycle a certain item?  Check out this guide prepared by one of our community members and their daughter...New Life for Old Things 

Are you a wishful recycler?

This presentation was created for 2019's Earth Day event - Down To Earth: Practical Actions You Can Take To Heal Our Planet...Are you a wishful recycler? 

Zero Waste Event Planning

Tips for creating a zero waste event and ways Zero Waste CD can help you...Zero Waste Event Planning 

Zero Waste Signs

Use these signs to create your own zero-waste station... Zero Waste Signs 

Zero Waste 101

Check out this presentation given by our Zero Waste Ambassadors.  Everyone can pick up a zero waste tip or two from the slide or video...Zero Waste 101 

Articles of Interest

My Tireless Quest for a Tubeless Wipe by Emily Flitter

I was unusually devoted to an eco-friendly brand of toilet paper. When it disappeared from the market, I had to know why... 

Planet Plastic

How Big Oil and Big Soda kept a global environmental calamity a secret for decades... 


NY Legal Fact Sheet for Donating Food

Federal and state laws provide strong liability protections for businesses (including farms) and nonprofits that provide or receive donated food...NY Legal Fact Sheet for Donating Food 


Here is a collection of videos to start you on your composting journey...Composting 

Reducing Water Waste, Landscaping Sustainably, and Saving Money

This page has an extensive collection of guides and articles about water waste, sustainable landscaping/gardening practices, "green" parenting, and saving money. 

Additional Sites with Great Information

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste Europe has similar roots to Zero Waste CD and began as organizations started collaborating on a voluntary basis organizing events and coming together to strategist and plan for a zero waste future...

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

This page has some great tips for reducing food waste at home... 

Earth 911

Earth 911 is not just a website - its an active forum of constructive conversations about reducing our impact on the planet and its atmosphere.  There's also a podcast and one of North America's most extensive recycling databases....Earth 911 Home PageRecycling Database 

Zero Waste Home

Check out this site for content debunking misconceptions that waste-free living is depriving, time consuming and costly.  Zero Waste Home offers a book, talks and a free bulk finder to easily find package-free shopping wherever you go...

Going Zero Waste

This blog has great content for Zero Waste beginners and presents zero waste challenges for adults and kids...

Trash is For Tossers

Package Free Shop owner, Lauren Singer, breaks zero waste down for you on this site and through her youtube channel.  She offers lots of easy swaps and DIY alternatives...